Thursday, September 2, 2010

2NE1′s ‘To Anyone’ album official covers!

Message from YG about “YG-Life”

2010 09 01 from YG

Hello, this is Yang Hyeon seok.

Sep 1st, 2010. today is the day we moved into the new house, “YG LIFE”… ~

We should call it that it is only temporary opened for now because we haven’t unpacked our stuffs properly yet.

But we will update one by one from now on.

To make a short explanation of “YG-LIFE”,


This is the actual main menu of “YG LIFE”, which will be updated everyday.

The information will be updated, organized by each specific categories for the convenience of the users.


As you click the “YG CENTER” on the top of the right side, you can see the in & out sides of the YG building.

Every set is the miniatures made by paper, and we filmed the video of YG singers’ interesting daily lives which takes in the building. We are planning to update quarterly for the various fun.


It will be updated weekly, ordered by the number of hits of the posts.


The menu of YG news updated, which will be on the “DAILY POST”.


The menu of musics and videos updated, which will be on the “DAILY POST”.


The menu of our photos updated, which will be on the “DAILY POST”.


The menu of our personal items updated.


the menu of the items, which we haven’t got. but we want to get or we’re interested in.


The menu of non-YG news. the world news which we are interested in or being a issue will be updated.

“YG – LIFE” is not requiring to log-in for the convenience of more users including the international fans.

We’re planning to make it accessable by some popular channels such as “twitter”, “youtube”, and as an “application”.

The reason why we’re opening the YG LIFE, even we have some problems with sharing our hidden information and the inside lives of the YG building, was from the simple thought. “we might be able to make the world peace, if we communicate with others truly and share all of our available information.“

As the company becoming bigger, and more people participating, the difficulties of communication occur very often.

We will work hard to make it as a place which is giving happiness, and being loved by everyone. thank you.

2010. 09. 01.


Source: BBVIPZ

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2NE1 full tracklist

1. Can’t Nobody (타이틀곡) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy

Can’t Nobody (Title Song)
Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

2. Go Away (타이틀곡) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy

Go Away (Title Song)
Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

3. 박수 쳐 (타이틀곡) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: e.knock

Clap your hands (Title Song)
Writer, Producer, Arrangement: e.knock

4. 난 바빠 작사: Big Tone / 작곡: PK , Big Tone / 편곡: PK

I’m busy
Writer: Big Tone / Producer: PK, Big Tone / Arrangement: PK

5. 아파 (Slow) 작사, 작곡: e.knock, 선우 정아 / 편곡: 선우 정아

It hurts (Slow)
Writer, Producer: e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah / Arrangement: Sunwoo Jungah

6. 사랑은 아야야 작사: Masta Wu / 작곡: Choice37, Big Tone / 편곡: Choice37

Love is Ouch
Writer: Masta Wu / Producer: Choice37, Big Tone / Arrangement: Choice 37

7. You & I (박 봄 솔로) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy

You & I (Park Bom Solo)
Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

8. Please Don’t Go (CL & 민지) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy

Please Don’t Go (CL & Minji)
Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

9. Kiss (산다라 솔로) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy

Kiss (Sandara Solo)
Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

10. 날 따라 해봐요 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy

Try to Follow Me
Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

11. I Don’t Care (Reggae mix) Writer, Producer: Teddy, e.knock / Writer: Sunwoo Jungah

12. Can’t Nobody (Eng. ver) Writer: Perry / Producer, Arrangement: Teddy


Will.I.AM talks to 2NE1

Video :


Se7en talks about Big Bang on Strong Heart

Video :


Big Bang @ Lotte World Star Avenue


Saturday, August 28, 2010

fahrenheit new mv for the 4th album!!!!!!!!!!!

SUPER HOT!!! is the name for their song...long time i has wait for this...LOVE FAHRENHEIT ALWAYS!!
in this mvs their have change their looks...i like their changes..plizz click the link to watch the mv!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yoogeun dancing to RDD & Lucifer ! + sing Rain's Love Song

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[MV] Lucifer - SHINee

18th July ^^ ...

pic credit: weareshining

Last Sunday was our cute maknae Lee Taemin birthday ! he's 18 now ^^ (korean age) ..
he's reallyreally grown up now ...
i 've watched their new MV , 'LUCIFER ' .  and i realized that his innocent have gone in his new image .. 
well it's ok , he looks hotter now ;)
superduper love his new hair ! >_< ~
gonna miss his mushroom hair ~

Saengil chukha Hamnida Mushroomhead <3

i found this ! >

it's from Yoogeunnie ~! SHINee's cute little angle ..
' yoogeun moogeun ~ ' XD

isn't it sweet ? ^^


Monday, July 19, 2010

SHINee 2nd Album Official photo & Audio track list released ^^

Track List :

1. Up & Down
2. Lucifer
3. Electric Heart
4. A-Yo
5. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
6. 화살 (Quasimodo)
7. 악 (Shout Out)
8. Wowowow
9. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready Or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

just search the song in youtube if you wanna hear it^^ it've been released already :D


Friday, July 16, 2010

SHINee MV Teaser !

Their 2nd album is called Lucifer ^^




+ Geun - cassiopea

+ Hara - VIP & Blackjack

+ Reo - Yui & Heechul

+ Kao - Shawol & TripleS

+ Sai - Fahrenheit


our favourite =D

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